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                Strip connector Strip connector
                Main applications: LED lighting, LED module, 3528 soft lights, 5050 lights, 3258 waterproof soft lamp strip, 5050 waterproof lamps, 3528 hard light bar, 5050 hard light etc……
                Electronic connector Electronic connector
                Main applications: appliances manufacturing, computer motherboards, monitors, mouse, keyboard, TV, telephone, electric toys, printers, copiers, PCB board, power supply controller, LED energy-saving lamps, LED display, LED underground lamp, jewelry and so on……
                Wire connector Wire connector
                Widely used in household decoration and connection, office and commercial decoration power line of indoor lighting, decorative landscaping lighting connection, public power and lighting connection, exhibition, exhibition wire connection.
                Main applications: Mechanical Engineering, lighting, automobiles, electronic appliances, medical equipment, electronic components, toys, Kitchenware and so on……

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